Conceptualising the Measure for Combat Readiness


  • Kwong Fook Wen
  • Norazman Mohamad Nor


Combat; Readiness; Measure; Intangible


Mathematical models and formulae for measuring combat readiness are mostly concerned with measuring either the tangible
elements or the intangible elements. The absence of the measure of intangible elements in the model that measures the tangible elements of combat power and vice versa, could not provide a comprehensive status of combat readiness. This paper focuses on the conceptualisation of a measure of combat readiness by identification of tangible and intangible factors and variables that affect combat readiness. First, the paper seeks to define combat readiness and its compositions. Then it reviews the literature on
measuring combat readiness so as to determine options available to conceptualise the measure of combat readiness. Consequently, the paper offers an approach for the conceptualisation of a measure for combat readiness that incorporates the tangible and intangible elements of combat power. This would allow a military force to have a comprehensive measure of its combat readiness


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