The Use of the ADFELPS Writing Scale to Test the Writing Levels of Malaysian Armed Forces Officers


  • Surjeet Singh Peara Singh


ADFELPS, profiling system, proficiency rating, writing skills, deterioration


The Australian Defence Force English Language Profiling System (ADFELPS) is an English language proficiency rating system used to assess the English language skills of Malaysian candidates and to describe the levels of English required for target courses conducted by the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) and the New Zealand Defence Forces (NZDF). It covers all the four language skills i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking and it is graded from Level 1 to a maximum of Level 9 which is a native speaker’s proficiency. Currently, Malaysian officers have some difficulty in getting Level 7 and above for the ADFELPS Writing Scale. Although there are some officers who are at Level 7 or Level 8 in the other language skills, they have difficulty in obtaining Level 6 to Level 7 for the Writing skill. A three day English language writing workshop was held at the Armed Forces Library to improve the writing skills of Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) Officers. The main aim of this course was to improve the writing skills for MAF officers especially for officers who are selected for overseas courses where the minimum ADFELPS level is a Level 6. The course covered grammar, coherent and cohesive writing, analyzing a typical five paragraph essay, culminating in the students being given two essays and being graded at ADFELPS writing scales. The results show that there has been a deterioration of writing skills of MAF officers and some of the problems related to writing will be discussed in this paper.


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